Reports For Greater Business Insight

Reports can tell you real-time information about the health and wealth of your company.

They can also help spot weaknesses or evaluate trends which often go unnoticed. In fact, if you can run reports regularly you may become the greatest manager of your company! We encourage all our business owner clients to pick the reports they need and bookmark for easy retrieval. You too can read your business like a book by using the reports we list below. 
Who Owes Me Money?

This is a question you probably ask yourself often. With QuickBooks you can find this information quickly and easily just by using the Customers and Receivables report menu. Here are the reports I recommend you run and analyze regularly:

  • Open invoice report
  • Customer balance detail
  • Job profitability 
How Much Money Do I Owe?

Knowing how much money your business owes suppliers, vendors and creditors can keep you from overspending. It can also assist you in staying within a budget. As long as the data gets entered properly, you’ll have a wealth of information about your unpaid expenses. You’ll also know how much money you will have left over when certain bills are paid. These are the reports we recommend you review weekly.

  • Unpaid bills detail report
  • Vendor balance detail 
  • Costs per Job
How did my business earn? 
  • Profit / Loss Statement
  • Cash flow
  • Budget vs. actual

Accurate QuickBooks reports can only be generated if they were entered into the program properly and consistently. Where the data was entered and how will reflect on the accuracy of those reports. So it’s crucial that you adhere to the standard accounting practices and follow the step-by-step directions when using this program.

Do You need help in reviewing your QuickBoks structure and its activity, or assistance in accessing, analyzing, or interpreting your financial reports? Contact us today (646) 660-1820 to request a consultation appointment.