– Why Convert Personal Property to Business Use?

Benefit of Converting Personal Property to Business Use If you started a business or just realized you have items like computers, tools, furniture, or even a vehicle that you want to use in your business, there’s good news! Converting personal property to business use can reduce your taxes by way of depreciation deduction. This deduction is only available on property used to … Continue reading

– Why Businesses Fail?

Exclusively written for entrepreneurs & new businesses Much research has been done on what makes some businesses succeed while others fail. The statistics for business failure are alarming, however, because we know a great deal about the reasons and statistical data we can help improve your chances for success. Avoid these common mistakes: Lacking demand or poor sales for your … Continue reading

– Reports For Greater Business Insight

Reports can tell you real-time information about the health and wealth of your company. They can also help spot weaknesses or evaluate trends which often go unnoticed. In fact, if you can run reports regularly you may become the greatest manager of your company! We encourage all our business owner clients to pick the reports they need and bookmark for … Continue reading

– Is QuickBooks Hard To Learn?

Is QuickBooks Hard To Learn? QuickBooks is a powerful, yet user-friendly accounting and financial management software that has now been re-designed to be simple enough to use for everyone; even the non-accountants. In fact, over 50% of individuals we train on a weekly basis have no financial background. Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks has spent millions of dollars developing ways … Continue reading

– Avoid These Common Bookkeeping Mistakes

You have the product or service. You have the marketing tools. Revenue and expenses are coming in. Unfortunately, you are in the dark whether you are making or loosing money, and worse yet, tax season is around the corner. Now your accountant can’t get a clear picture about your finances and you are starting to feel  overwhelmed! You now realize … Continue reading

– Cash Flow Mgmt. Made Easy With QuickBooks

We reveal proven methods you can implement now to take control of your cash flow! What is Cash Flow? Cash flow is a vital measurement showing the net value of money coming and leaving your business. Assessing cash inflows and outflows is critically important to any business which relies heavily on funding its own operations. Startup businesses and young companies … Continue reading

– QuickBooks Desktop Vs. On-the-Cloud

Which is right for you? One of the most common question we get is from new business owners inquiring about the differences between the online and the desktop versions of QuickBooks.    The answer depends on the complexity or the simplicity of information they are looking to get from the system. If you are running a small medical office and just … Continue reading

– QuickBooks FAQ

Running and operating a small business can bring many rewards and challenges. One of those challenges is how to properly and accurately maintain  your financial data and paperwork. That’s where accounting and bookkeeping software like QuickBooks for desktop and QuickBooks online come in. These programs offer simple yet powerful tools for effective financial management and good organization, which is simple … Continue reading

– Speed Up Your A/R Collection With QuickBooks

Making sales is great but not if you can’t collect them on time or in in full. Unpaid invoices can wreck havoc on your company’s operations while slow payments cause roadblocks to profitability or impede your ability to pay bills. All in all, problems collecting A/R cost businesses money. But those who use QuickBooks software have excellent tools built within … Continue reading

– QuickBooks User Guide

FREE Downloadable QuickBooks User Guides for 2015 For the convenience of QuickBooks users we are making available learning guides especially developed by Intuit. They contain simple step-by-step instructions designed to help you understand how to use this program correctly and efficiently.  ➡ DOWNLOAD QuickBooks for MAC Guide ➡ DOWNLOAD QuickBooks for Windows Guide ➡ DOWNLOAD QuickBooks Online Guide Read our posts exclusively … Continue reading