Testimonials / Success Stories

Testimonials and Success Stories


➡ “This class was an eye opener. In terms of educating me about better business management and controlling my costs this training gets an A+ …Also I just switched to Quickbooks on the cloud and they seem to be the only facility in my area that does live training on this system” Noel C.- NYC

➡ “Excellent class. Our instructor was knowledgeable and patient. She took time explaining how the software works. It’s been now a couple of months and we are really seeing the benefits of this training. She also provided us with good customer service after the training. I highly recommend her classes.” David – Manhattan

➡ I am a small business owner without any accounting background….My main reason for taking this class was to understand how to track my expenses and create reports for taxes….I learned this and and much more. They showed me shortcuts and little tidbits which I find very helpful. The instruction from OnPoint was excellent mainly because my teacher brought it to my level and also because it was on target for my needs. Tatiana – Brooklyn 

➡ “After years at the same position, I received a promotion but solely because of my QuickBooks skills… which I got from my training with OnPoint… I highly recommend their courses.” Bryan

➡ I am 100% that my QuickBooks training helped me get my current position.” Carlos – Queens,

➡ “Best training class I had…..taught me everything I need to run my business!” Amber – CT

➡ “Milana, our instructor has done a great job teaching my employees to use QuickBooks.” Scott D. – Brooklyn

➡ We had 3 of our employees train with OnPoint. We are very happy with the education they received. Ken – Long Island

➡ “I wouldn’t go anywhere else for QuickBooks help….” Ryan – CT

➡ Training With OnPoint helped our company from the beginning when we were just getting started. I knew nothing about balancing books or reconciling accounts. She set us up on QuickBooks and trained me and my partner how to use this program. It’s been over a year since she has setup and trained us and we still keep coming back to them for more services. Jeanne –  Queens NY 

➡ “My instructor taught me how to better manage my company and in a way that is right for me. I am not much of a numbers person but the way she has trained me made me realize that I can do it and also she made me see the benefits of properly handling my paperwork. Basically she has helped me take the business from a small operations to one that now employs five people. Thank you for your help!” Adrianna – NYC

➡ “Great job at teaching my bookkeeper on Quickbooks. Finally I get to see how our medical practice is doing. It’s a good feeling!”  David N.- NYC

Here's Why Companies Prefer Our Firm:
  • Specialized, knowledge based bookkeepers and QuickBooks professionals
  • Established track record of excellence and reliability
  • Responsive and direct client support
  • Client focused options and cost effective solutions for various budgets and business needs
  • Flat fee pricing offer transparency so clients know in advance what our service costs
Our Commitment
We treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. Our firm guarantees efficient, honest financial services that achieve remarkable results. 
Our Record
Our consistent record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. We use advanced technologies to ensure up-to-the-minute financial information. This allows us to respond quickly and give you the most relevant financial information and perspective. In summary we deliver to you:
  •   Cost effective solutions for your bookkeeping needs
  •   Responsive and direct client support
  •   Established track record
  •   Trained and experienced professionals
  •   Consistent time and costs savings for businesses
There are other firms you could choose. But, our clients have chosen us time and time again for our dedicated, high-quality services. We take the time to understand each company’s unique operations and styles to deliver service that’s of the highest quality.
Thanks to our understanding of the bookkeeping and accounting processes we provide timely and up-to-date financial information on a consistent basis that fits our clients’ budgets, time constraints, and unique requirements.