QuickBooks for Personal Finances

Easily become an expert at managing your own finances!


Training Class in Manhattan $299

Easily track your expenses

Know exactly where your money is being spent
Stay current with your bills
Gain control of your finances!


Call to speak to our tech support expert Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm EST.

Upcoming Class Date

To be announced. Check back for details. 

Class Details:

➡ Small Class Size

➡ Learn how to manage your personal finances QuickBooks software. 

➡ Class taught by certified QuickBooks technical expert

➡ 12:30pm to 4:30pm with 1-20 minute break 

➡ Live Instruction 

➡ 100 Church Street, Suite 800 in conference room on 8th floor

Topics covered in class
  • Setting up QuickBooks Personal File
  • Setting up Expense Categories
  • Recording transactions, including expenses, income, loans, credit card payments 
  • Inputting bills, pay bills and match payments
  • Create budgets
  • See your data on your phone
  • Memorizing recurring bills
  • Sync financial data with your bank(s)
  • Sync financial data with your credit card(s)
  • Assigning costs to different members of family
  • Reconciling bank account
  • Running reports on cash flow, expenses, loans

About The Instructor

Smaller Milana's Office Pic (506x640)Milla Lieberson is recognized as a Certified QuickBooks Technical Business Expert. She holds master’s degrees in business administration and finance.  Her background includes experience as a comptroller of a privately held company, an educator, a consultant, a manager in the startup industry, and an entrepreneur.  In addition, Milla has spent the last 10 years helping small businesses streamline their accounting using QuickBooks software.